Hi! Welcome to the digital portfolio of Lindsay B. Davis, a New York City based writer, journalist and storyteller.

Lindsay was born in Queens, raised on Long Island, attended college in Ithaca (Cornell, B.A. in English) and has lived in New York ever since. She got her start in publishing at New York Magazine, where she worked for two years as the Interim Information Services Manager. It was at New York Magazine that she received her first byline in an advertorial. Additional corporate media experience includes five years as the Executive Assistant to the General Manager of BBC America, where she also budded as a freelance writer contributing to BBCA’s Webby Award winning culture blog Anglophenia and BBC.com/Travel, plus on camera as a contributing reporter for The Brit List.

Since then, she has emerged as a freelance writer with a specialty in arts & culture, travel, and lifestyle with bylines in Teen Vogue, Passport Magazine’s The Broadway Blog, Edge Media Network, and more. She writes the monthly Manhattan entertainment and events blog for Manhattan Mini Storage.

In the corporate space, Lindsay writes social media posts for miscellaneous businesses, conceives/writes/edits website copy, and consults on media strategy.

As a creative writer, Lindsay is a produced playwright, digital comedy short writer, and a budding screenwriter. (By budding, she means a very slow bud, kind of like one in the Anais Nin quote still contemplating the risk it takes to blossom.)

She also writes what may be considered personal or even spiritual growth stories and used to blog under the nickname Lindspiration, back when blogs were first becoming a thing. Those posts are available here unedited and in all their original form glory for your reading pleasure.

If you’re looking for Lindsay B. Davis the actor or fitness instructor, stay tuned for a new website launching in late 2018. That’s right, two websites! In the meantime, please visit her on IMDB, Actors Access or the EQUINOX website. There is also Instagram @lindsaybdavis__.

For any and all inquiries, please email davis.lindsay@gmail.com.